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Last updated:  11/08/12

What We Provide

Kitty Condos, LLC,  provides luxury cats-only boarding in a peaceful, healthy and stress-free environment.  We give your cat tender loving care, just as we would our own pets.  You will have peace of mind knowing your cats are well cared for.  Kitty Condos, LLC,  provides spacious, custom-designed luxury accommodations at reasonable rates. Only cats from the same family will ever be together.

Our facilities are very clean and odor-free, and we provide fresh, clean water at all times, as well as food bowls.  We feed premium brand foods but will gladly feed "special diets" or your cat's regular food.  Any special dietary needs are strictly adhered to per your instructions.

We also provide litter boxes, litter and bedding and only use high quality pine litter pellets.  We have had very good luck with this litter and find it to be very effective in controlling odor and dust particles, and we have not had any problems with cats accepting these pellets. However, we do have clay litter available in case we need it!

Kitty Condos, LLC, also provides individual playtime and pampering.  If the owner approves, we will let cats out for playtime together if they get along and only under strict supervision.  Cats are never left out alone without supervision.

Any belongings you wish to bring, such as blankets, beds, toys, etc. are welcome and appreciated by your cat.  We will always do our best to return your items in the same condition as they came in.

Certain medications can be administered for a fee.

Several veterinary clinics are in very close proximity to Kitty Condos, LLC.   We are conveniently located in the Cottonwood Mall in Grand Junction, Colorado.

We require proof of current vaccinations (Feline distemper combo and rabies) and a negative feline leukemia test once in the cat's lifetime.  If you have an indoor cat only, we do not require the feline leukemia vaccine.

Home What We Provide Boarding Info. About Us Rates

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