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Last updated:  11/08/12

"Tender Loving Care When You Can't Be There"

You don't have to worry about boarding your cats anymore!  Your cats will RELAX while with us!

Kitty Condos, LLC, of Grand Junction, Colorado, is NOT just another Kennel!  Your cat is not in the back room, in the dark, in a small, cramped cage or stressed by barking dogs. 

  ***Our mission statement is to provide top quality comfort and service to the cats and peace of mind to the owner.***

Home-like atmosphere

Comfortable and quiet, the way cats like it

Clean and bright

Reasonable rates


Convenient location

Spacious, open condos that are HUGE, multi-level

Kitty Condos have full views and climbing posts

Fish, Toys, Music and TV provided for cat's entertainment

Safer than giving your house key to a stranger!

Six years' experience at reputable veterinary clinic

Home-like atmosphere


THANKS for visiting! 

Home What We Provide Boarding Info. About Us Rates

(970) 254-3030
Dede Norris

Kitty Condos, LLC
Located in Cottonwood Mall
2493 Hwy 6 & 50, #21
Grand Junction, CO 81505

email us:  kittycondosgj@yahoo.com


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